42 Positive Body Affirmations to Inspire More Body Love

You want to feel great about your body, right? 

If you’re looking for new ways to erase energy-draining negativity and start boosting good vibes about your body, positive body affirmations can help you do it!  

I’ve created a guide to help you understand what these simple yet powerful phrases are and how they work (yup, there’s science to back them!) so you can start giving your body image a major boost! 

You’ll also get tips on how to create your own positive body affirmations as well as a skimmable list that’ll get your creative juices going when it comes to making up the specific thoughts and phrases that’ll work best for you. 

Lastly, if you’re a mom, you can use this article as a way to guide your daughter put this powerful practice to work too. 

Let’s dive in so you can learn how to start ramping up your body confidence and create a more positive body image right now! 

Affirmations are statements, phrases, or mantras that you repeat to help strengthen a thought, belief or idea. Body affirmations are affirmations designed specifically to help you think of your body in positive and powerful ways! 

If you’re prone to thinking negative thoughts about your body, using positive affirmations can shift your thinking and ultimately improve your happiness and your life! 

How Do Positive Body Affirmations Work?

Positive body affirmations work in two ways. First, they can be used to counteract or help quiet down negative thoughts and harsh criticisms about your body’s appearance. Positive affirmations can help protect you from negativity whether it comes from others or from inside yourself. 

Secondly, affirmations can reinforce your own values and acknowledge your unique strengths. This can multiply positive thoughts about your body, helping you to learn how to embrace the incredible person that you are in ways that go way beyond what you look like! 

So we’re quieting down the negative and boosting up the positive. This empowers you to improve your thoughts and beliefs about all kinds of aspects of your physical self including what you can do, how you look, your size, shape, color, and more. 

Yes, of course! Researchers have been studying the power of affirmations for decades (since the 1980s, in fact). Affirmations work to boost feelings of happiness and well-being in a variety of ways. Positive body affirmations can:

Reshape Your Brain 

MRIs show that affirmations have the power to change our thought patterns and literally change neural pathways in the brain. These changes lessen feelings of depression and trigger positive changes in behavior, amplifying the feel-good effect. 

Start using positive body affirmations, for example, and you may find yourself choosing to wear clothes that you enjoy or feel comfortable in (instead of worrying or trying to hide your body). Or may find yourself taking more walks or finally reconnecting with (or making a new) friend. 

Affirmations give people the power to feel like they’re able to do or be the things they value and admire, giving them the courage to take action on things they care about. 

Telling yourself, “I am full of energy” or “I’m learning to take care of my body” can help you finally feel like saying ‘yes’ to a date, joining a group or club ro team, or booking that trip regardless of the state or your hair, the number of wrinkles or you have, or your shape or weight. 

People who wrote positive affirmations felt more loved and connected to others, which improved their well-being and helped them feel happier, compared to those that didn’t.  

People in minority groups who used affirmations were less likely to be negatively affected by that difference. If your weight or hair or skin is making you feel like you’re an outsider amongst friends, coworkers, or family, using affirmations can help erase that perceived difference.  

7 Ways Affirmations Work to Help You Build a Better Body Image

So now you know that there’s scientific proof from that affirmations really work, here’s how they specifically shift body image. These thought dynamos work to improve body image by:

  1. Short-Circuiting Your Negative Thought Patterns: Some of us have an internal dialogue that criticizing our appearance that plays on autopilot. We think negative thoughts without even realizing it. When you decide to use affirmations, you take the first step to breaking that automatic thought loop.
  2. Re-framing Your Perceptions: Instead of focusing solely on appearance-based judgments, affirmations can help you see your self-worth in a much broader way. You’ll learn to acknowledge and emphasize qualities way beyond your looks.
  3. Increasing Self-Acceptance: Affirmations encourage you to identity and appreciate your unique features and capabilities. This will help stop you from the unhealthy habit of comparing yourself to other people.
  4. Ramping Up Your Resilience: Affirmations equip you with the inner strength you need to navigate outside body pressures and criticisms. With better coping skills you’ll accept (even appreciate!) body changes with ease and positivity. 
  5. Improving Your Relationship with Food: Positive body affirmations can stop you from giving in the constant pressure to diet and limit your food. It allows you to focus on goals like being satisfied, enjoying food, and being well nourished.
  6. Improving Your Relationship With Exercise: Affirmations help you want to take care of your body instead fix it, which means you’re more likely to start thinking of movement as a stress reliever or a way to have fun instead of calorie burner, punishment or way to redeem yourself for eating.  
  7. Cultivating Respect for Our Physical Self: By acknowledging your body’s incredible role in supporting daily activities and experiences, you develop a deep sense of respect and gratitude for all your body is (instead of isn’t).

Why Are Body Image Affirmations Especially Important for Women and Girls?

In case you haven’t noticed (and I know you do!), we’re living in a culture that places a lot of emphasis on how women look. 

Women are valued, judged, and criticized based on their appearance including the size and shape of their body, their hair, skin, eyes, and more–and we all know it! 

Internalizing impossible body standards (regardless of whether you take steps to change your body to match them or not) leads to stress, depression, low self-esteem, and even eating disorders. 

This is where positive body affirmations come in! 

Positive body affirmations can be used to consciously override what we may be subconsciously picking up from the world around us. They can help us build up a healthy immunity against the unrealistic standards we see everyday in media, advertising, and more!

Positive body affirmations are like little shields against the onslaught of media images and unrealistic ideals that can slash at our self-esteem, value and self-worth.

If we’re smart, we will use positive body affirmations to defend ourselves against getting hurt by the cultural messages that tell us we’re not good enough because we don’t match a very specific size, shape, or look. 

If we don’t actively and intentionally put up our defense against these standards, we (and our daughters) will find ourselves dieting, using potentially harmful weight loss medications or supplements, spending a fortune on anti-aging creams and devices, or even undergoing surgery. 

Positive body affirmations help us to reject the standards, to see them for what they are–unrealistic and even dangerous to strive for–and decide to love ourselves as we are instead. 

Positive body affirmations can help us take back our power from others. It helps us reject the idea that other people define our worth and gives us the opportunity to take ownership of our own self-image!

41 Positive Body Affirmations: The Ultimate List

We grouped these by aspects of appearance that women and girls tend to feel bad about the most.

For each area, you’ll find four types of re-framing thoughts; including those that are based on body functionality; gratitude; value; and positivity.

Functional affirmations may be the easiest place to start since they simple call your attention to all the incredible things your body is doing at any given moment, even without us realizing it!

Gratitude-based affirmations are also one of easier types of thought for many of us to muster up. These divert our attention from what we think is “wrong” with our body to the many simple things we can appreciate and feel thankful for.

Value-based affirmations may take a little soul searching yet I think they’re the most powerful type of affirmation! They challenge you to think of what’s really important to you opposed to culture and the people around you.

Body-positivity affirmations are the ultimate goal yet they can be challenging. Body positivity statements ask us to state that we love every aspect of our appearance exactly as it is, which can tough at the start of a body image makeover!

Try different types of affirmations on and see which ones fit the best for you! Once you have a few that really light you up, help you feel stronger and more energized, start using them on-the-regular.

Celebrating Your Body Shape and Size

  • My legs are strong and can take me wherever I want to go
  • My [legs, arms, body] are/is powerful and helped me [run a race, walk up a flight of stairs, climb the Eiffle Tower, etc]
  • If I weren’t this size I wouldn’t be able to do [fill in the blank]
  • My breasts helped me feed my babies
  • My body is brilliant enough to make a baby
  • My body works perfectly at this size
  • My heart is beating and I am alive!
  • My body is smart enough to tell me what it needs
  • My body is so good at telling me when I’m hungry
  • I’m grateful my body tells me what I need (ie hunger!)
  • I’m grateful my body is well-nourished
  • Thank you body for protecting me from starvation
  • Thank you body for reminding me to eat
  • Thank you body for moving in all the ways I want to
  • Thank you arms for helping me hug [fill in a loved one]
  • Thank you body for using up the nutrients I eat
  • My worth has nothing to do with my weight
  • My value is in what I can do
  • I love being healthy more than being thin
  • Being this size is how I feel most energized
  • I feel complete as I am
  • I accept my body exactly as it is.
  • My body is perfect.
  • My body is gorgeous/sexy
  • I’m comfortable in my body
  • I’m learning to love my body more and more

Embracing Your Complexion, Hair, and Skin

  • My skin protects me every day in a million ways
  • My skin heals very quickly
  • My hair is growing longer/stronger every day
  • Changes in my skin help me help me monitor my health
  • I’m grateful for the hair I have; it protects my skin and keeps me warm
  • I’m blessed with healthy skin
  • I appreciate that my face allows me to communicate with other (happiness, love, sadness, laughter, etc)
  • Thank you eyes/hair/skin color for my uniqueness
  • My scars show all I have overcome
  • I’m proud of the color of my skin
  • I respect my changing hair/skin
  • I love the skin I’m in
  • My hair is perfect as it is
  • My skin looks incredible
  • My beauty radiates from within
  • My face is powerful

Appreciating Aging

  • My body is aging exactly the way it should
  • My body is working through every stage of life
  • I’m still strong/fast/capable
  • I’m grateful I’m living such a long life
  • Aging is a privilege and my lines remind how lucky I am
  • Thank you for all the walks/dancing/trips/hikes my body has taken me on so far!
  • My body is full of wisdom
  • My body has helped me achieve [fill in the blank]
  • I admire my continued strength
  • Confidence comes to me at every age

Get Your Body Positive Affirmations (Printable) PDF

The Affirmation Mistake You Don’t Want to Make!

If it doesn’t feel right, stop! Forcing it could make things worse.

Not every affirmation works for everyone. Try them on and see how they make you feel before you commit to using them. 

If you choose a positive body affirmation and it makes you feel enlivened, excited, energized, stronger, or more vibrant, then it’s working for you!

If you say an affirmation and think “but that’s not true” or “no way” then don’t keep saying it until you believe it. Instead, find another statement that does feel good. 

If a body image affirmation is ramping up negative feelings by causing us to think of all the ways the statement is not true, then definitely don’t use that one! 

Say you feel very critical about your weight, for example. If you start with a statement like “I love my body just as it is” and you immediately start thinking, “no, I don’t!” then that’s not the right affirmation. 

One Way to Make Positive Body Image Affirmations Feel More Comfortable

Really like an affirmation but it also makes you feel awkward, uncomfortable, or just plain weird? Try adding “I’m learning…” to the front of it.

For example, “I’m learning to love my body just as it is.”  Or “I’m learning to be a body positiver person,” or “I’m learning to see that my value goes way beyond my looks!”

Adding “I’m learning to…” “ to the front of almost any affirmation can help it feel more comfortable at the start. ” can acknowledge that your current perception is negative yet you’re actively working to change it to one that’s better.

How to Write Your Own Positive Body Affirmations

Ready to start using positive body affirmations? Awesome! Here are tips for really making  positive thoughts as powerful and life-changing as they can be!

Tip #1:  Notice What You’re Thinking

What thoughts do you have about your body? What’s something that someone else has said to you that you really internalized or can’t let go of? 

Since diet culture is such a huge part of what makes us critical of ourselves, you might also notice harsh judgments you make about your eating and exercise routine, such as “I was so bad today” or “I’m so lazy.” 

Tip #2. Shift Negatives Into Positives

You want your affirmations to be meaningful, so focus on areas you really seem to struggle with (see tip #1). For every negative thought you’re noticing, come up with a positive to counter it.

Tip #3. Use the Present Tense

Don’t focus on the future, focus on the here and now. Instead of “I will be kinder to myself” think “I’m choosing to be kinder to myself.” The second one is more powerful and effective.

Tip #4. Write Them Down

When we write things by hand, our brain is better at comprehending the information. To get in the habit, start an affirmation journal and take a minute or two to rewrite your favorite affirmations at least once a day.

Tip #5. Say affirmations out loud

Admittingly, this may feel uncomfortable at first. But think about it, if you aren’t able to say it out loud how can you possibly expect your deeper self to embrace it? Saying affirmations out loud builds new neural pathways, getting you to your goal faster.

Tip #6. Keep It Short and Simple

The shorter and more to the point, the easier it’ll be to recall at a moment’s notice. Longer and more convoluted statements can lose their meaning and efffectiveness.

Tip #7. Post ‘Em Where You Can See Them

The more times a day you see your affirmation, the quicker it’l be come part of your automatic thinking. Use sticky notes and post in places where you get triggered by negativity the most, such as a mirror, closet, inside a kitchen cabinet or on your phone

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to see results from body affirmations?

You may feel better instantly! More important than when you will start feeling better about your body is how long the good feelings will last. The goal is to have positive thoughts about your body automatically, without thinking. 

The time it takes to really incorporate positive body affirmations into your psyche really depends on a few factors, including how poor your body image is when you start, how many affirmations you’re using, and how often you use them.

Can positive body affirmations help with body dysmorphia?

Positive body affirmations alone are not sufficient to treat body dysmorphia disorder (BDD), a serious psychiatric conditions that’s classifed as a type of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Learn more about BDD and get help at BetterHelp.com.

Are there specific affirmations for postpartum body acceptance?

Yes, women who are experiencing postpartum body image issues can use affirmations to aknowledge the normalness of their body’s changes, as well as highlight the body’s incredible function (such as creating a human) and adaptability during this time.

How can body affirmations benefit individuals with eating disorders?

Body dissatisfaction is one of the leading risk factors in the development of an eating disorder (ED). Using affirmations to prevent or reverse bad feelings about our body’s shape or size increases protection from ED development or relapse.

Can positive body affirmations be used alongside other self-care practices?

Of course! Positive body affirmations are an great compliments to self-care practices such as meditation, yoga, and journaling. Adding an affirmation to any of these can be an easy way to make it a regular habit, making it even more effective!

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