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Every Worry About How Your Relationship With Food Might Be Impacting Hers?

This is the book that’ll help you heal generations of food ‘ish for yourself & your daughter!

Praise for Diet-Proof



Protect Your Daughter from the Harms of Dieting Today!

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About Diet-Proof

Encouraging healthy eating without reinforcing diet culture doesn’t have to feel like an impossible responsibility. With a set of research-backed food parenting strategies and fresh insights into what it means to be healthy, every mother—even those who have struggled with disordered eating and chronic dieting themselves—can feel confident that they\’re raising a well-nourished daughter.

In Diet-Proof Your Daughter, dietitian Amelia Sherry sheds light on common missteps so many of us make when it comes to helping our kids be healthy eaters.

By sharing her unique, five-pillar approach, she helps us discover clarity and confidence when it comes to raising resilient eaters.

You’ll learn key lessons, including how to:

  • Understand our own history with food & weight (and how it might impact your child)

  • Navigate emotional eating, overeating, and changes in weight

  • Use Health at Every Size®, Intuitive Eating, and The Ellyn Satter Institute

  • Deal with social media, peers, and well-meaning (but misguided) family members

Your daughter deserves to enjoy eating and feel at home in her body. With the method shared in Diet-Proof, you get a solid set of tools to ensure this is a growing reality for her now and throughout life.


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Look Inside Diet-Proof

    1. Introduction

    2. Eating While Female

    3. Understanding Influence

    4. Eating Well-being

    5. The Myth of Weight Control

    6. Trust with Food

    7. Acceptance Makes Eating Well-Being Easier

    8. Simplifying Nutrition

    9. Embodied Movement

    10. Making Body Love the Norm

    11. Being Known to Your Daughter

    12. Radiating Change

    Plus, a chance to ask yourself the very same Transformative Questions that are used in private coaching to help mothers and daughters finally feel free around food and good about their body!

More Praise for Diet-Proof

“The book I didn’t know I needed!”

“What I love about this book is that is practical, it’s insightful and it’s written with love. It gives you questions to ask yourself, to ask the pediatrician and guidance to prepare you for the future and the changing stages of growing up. Warning though, it will also make you cry at times. ❤️”

Nina G

“A must-read for all parents of daughters!”

“A powerful read, if you’re ready it will help you change your relationship with food and your daughter.” —Tasha

“For all parents!”

“I love the way the author helps the reader navigate the tricky balance between helping our daughters to be well without projecting our own insecurities and fears on them. As a dietitian who has worked with many eating disorder patients and a mother of two girls, this book really hit home. I wish all parents read this book.”

—Theresa Laurenz, MS, RD

“Wonderful book and Oh So Relatable!”

“While reading this book, I reflected on so many subtle factors in my upbringing that influenced my own personal relationship with food & body image as a child & young adult, which actually led me to pursue a career in nutrition. I will definitely be recommending this to my clients young & old!”

Mary, RD

“Diet-Proof is not about dieting or weight.”

“As a pediatric nurse with daughters, I appreciated the way this book encouraged a holistic attitude towards a child\’s relationship to food and eating. The approach she presents is not stuck on food or diets but rather a re-orientation on emotional health and well-being of children.”


A must read for all parents of daughters!

“Diet-proof your daughter is a wonderful, honest, and informative \”handbook\” to help guide you and your your daughter toward better eating habits. As a mother of 4 daughters and French expat, I have been struggling to feed my family good meals, here in the United States. This book answered a lot of questions around body image, food insecurities and offers concrete answers to take the stress out of making sure our girls are nourished (both physically and mentally). I highly recommend this book.”

Sandrine Pilaz, author of Simply French in America

“Amazing insight and necessary guidance for today\’s generation”

“And it is so useful for moms who, when they were children themselves, were scolded, berated, or made to feel \”less than\” because of their size. It\’s time to break the stigma and the pattern.”

Dina D’Alessandro, RD

“Practical, gentle, and evidence-based.”

“I wish this guide had existed for my mother when I was a child. As diet culture is pervasive, parents play a vital role in modeling healthy relationships with food. Amelia got it spot on in this guide. It is practical, gentle, and rooted in evidence. As a registered dietitian and mom myself, I will be sharing this with clients, family, and friends.”

— Kaitlyn, Bowen, RD

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