The NourishHer Method Fall 2022


I Help Moms Who Want to Pass Along Healthy Relationships With Food & Body to Their Daughters

Learn the skills you need to be a mother who enjoys total freedom with food & also knows the best things to do and say to help her daughter eat healthy (and be free from diet culture) herself.


    Does THIS Sound Familiar?

    You want your daughter to make healthier choices without making her feel bad or ashamed

    Your daughter’s food choices or changing body and weight are stressing you out (yet you also feel guilty for worrying about it at all!)

    You’re always questioning yourself–are you allowing too much freedom with food or being too strict with rules and limits?

    You worry you might be passing your own issues with food on to her (despite it being the last thing you want to do)

    You’re stuck. You’re thinking maybe you’re the one who needs help with her eating—not her!


    Imagine a future where eating with your daughter is fun and easy again. You can sit down to a meal and focus just on the joy of being together, hearing about her day, and dreaming about tomorrow. You don’t feel the need to comment on or worry about what she’s eating, nor how little or how much.

    And you feel good about your own eating, too!

    Imagine doing less and knowing more when it comes to planning meals and parenting around food. When the topic of what’s for dinner comes up, you feel excited. You’re happy to be in the kitchen—and your daughter feels the same way, too.

    You’re confident because you know you’re doing all the best things when it comes to helping your daughter have a positive, happy, and healthy relationship with her body and food. Your daughter is at ease about eating, whether it’s at a party full of cakes, chips, and cookies or at a restaurant that only serves only vegan options or exotic dishes that all feature fish.

    When you head to the doctor’s office, the weight check is a non-issue for her! And when you eat with family, you and your daughter are so relaxed and happy that everyone wants to know the secret to what’s changed in you.

    *Eating with your daughter CAN be joyful and easy

    *You can trust your daughter—and yourself—around food again

    *You can raise a daughter who is at peace with food, eating, body, and her weight

    *You finally understand why eating vegetables isn’t the most important part of being a healthy eater

    There is help, you don’t have to solve this problem on your own.

    You can give yourself and your daughter everything you both need to feel good about your body, your eating, and yourselves!

    That’s exactly what The NourishHer Method is designed to support you with and help you do.

    The NourishHer Method is an online program designed just for moms who want their daughters to eat well without dieting or worrying about weight.

    This program is packed with the unique tools, strategies, and mindset shifts that are proven to help moms develop a set of positive eating skills they can model and pass on to their daughters. And they do it in a way that feels effortless and comes naturally so you don’t stress about eating at all!


    With The NourishHer Method, you’ll learn…

    • How to help your daughter make healthy choices in positive, non-judgmental ways

    • How to determine your daughter’s natural, happy, healthy weight and how to reach it (without zero dieting or restriction)

    • How to know when to set a limit around food and when to let go

    • How to help regulate appetite and improve all apects of you and your daughter’s eating

    • How to have real-life conversations that’ll help you and your partner (or other caregivers) get on the same page when it comes to parenting around food

    Join to Learn The NourishHer Method Today!

    One payment of $497 (or 3 monthly payments of $167)

    (That’s just $41 per week—a more than 50% discount off the cost of a weekly nutrition counseling for you or your daughter!)

    10 Modules, 12 Weeks of Online Group Support, & Private Coaching Sessions

    Facilitated by Amelia Sherry, MPH, RD, CDN

      Join the Wait List before to get $50 off the fall session if you decide to enroll!

      $497 = $447 (or 3 payments of $149)

      Eating together can feel fun again!

      Plus, you get big results. Here are just some of the changes moms saw after finishing The NourishHer Method program…

      Random requests for food decreased by as much as 33 percent!

      Emotional eating decreased by as much as 33 percent!

      Pickiness plummeted by 50 percent (aka kids were twice as likely to accept a new food!)

      Moms reported that their kids were 20 percent better at regulating their food intake!


      What’s included:




      What People Are Saying…



      “Everything I have learned makes so much sense and has actually made feeding my children easier instead of feeling like I had all these crazy “rules” to follow!”

      — A, mom to a girl and boy both under age 7

      “Amelia is easy to understand and is willing to answer any and all questions you have. I am less stressed when it comes to meals and especially snack time. And I can use what I learned with my son as well as my daughter!

      — NourishHer Program Participant, mom to three (two boys and girl) Fall 2021

      “I love knowing that the time I’m putting in now is going to support her with healthy eating habits over the long-term.”

      — T, mom to daughter age 8

      10 Modules of Extensive & Compelling Content to Help You Learn the Secrets of Being (and Raising) a Happy, Healthy Eater

      • *How to know what is diet culture and what’s just healthy eating

        *Learn the science behind why diets don’t work

        *Learn how to protect your daughter from diet culture beliefs, pressure, and messages in the media, school, and from well-meaning family and friends

      • *Is your child’s weight really a problem?

        *How to help your daughter find her happy, healthy weight

        *How to handle body changes during puberty and other transitions

        *Positive Ways to Handle Unexpected Weight Gain

        *How to Understand a Growth Chart

        *How to Talk to Your Child\’s Pediatrician

      • *Learn how our feelings about different foods impacts eating

        *Understanding how our history with food impacts our ability to eat well

        *How to free yourself from healthy vs unhealthy food confusion so your child be more well-nourished, well-rounded eaters

      • *Tips for Increasing Food Acceptance (or Decreasing Picky Eating)

        *What’s at the Core of “Picky” or Selective Eating in Kids and Adults

        *How Simplifying Nutrition Can Make Healthy Eating Easier for Your and Your Kids

      • *The truth about portion sizes

        *Learn about different types of hunger and how to know when and if you or your child has had too much

        *How to eat the exact right amount

        *The biggest misstep parents make with intuitive eating—and how correcting it can erase mealtime stress

        *Understand emotional eating and how it can help — instead of harm — you and your child

      • *Master the most important tool when it comes to family feeding

        *How to make meals more satisfying

        *The simple rule-of-thumb that’ll help figuring out what to eat 10x easier

      • *Use this simple strategy to

        —Help kids eat more variety

        —Help kids eat without whining, frustration, tears, or negotiation

        —Eat the exact right amount everyone needs to eat

        —Do well without you micromanaging what and how much is eaten

      • *Learn how to help kids be active without pressure

        *Understand the benefits of moving that extend way beyond calorie burning

        *Motivate yourself and your kids to keep moving now and throughout life without guilt or obligation

      • *The one tweak that can take you from feeling down to feeling extraordinary when it comes to your body

        *How to help kids feel good in their bodies

        *It’s not about how you look—understanding the real thing that gets in the way of embracing your body in positive ways

      • *Tips for talking to friends, family, school, and other people who are getting in the way of you and your child having a positive, happy, and healthy realtionship with food

      • *Measure progress with your eating skills

        *Measure change in your child’s eating

        *Get clarity on the specific transformation you and your family have experienced with food choices, mealtime stress, portions, and feeling more at ease about eatin


      Learn more about Amelia Sherry, your NourishHer Well Program Facilitator:

      Hey there, I’m Amelia. Like you, I’m a mom and no stranger to worrying about weight.

      I grew up in the 80s and 90s, when low-fat diets, Jane Fonda workouts, and weekly Weight Watchers meetings were all the rage.

      Despite the fact that my mother was an exhausted, single, working parent, I watched her spend precious time whipping up low-calorie recipes, doing situps and jumping jacks late at night in front of the TV, and racing out after dinner to get to her weigh-ins and meetings.

      By the time I was in middle school, “watching what I ate” became a part of my life too. Just like so many young girls I work with today, losing weight seemed like it would fix everything. Plus, working out and sticking to the latest diet fad together felt like a way to bond with my busy mom.  

      Unfortunately, for me—like so many other girls—my drive to be thinner didn’t stop there. It followed me into high school and throughout college, it dug holes in my self-esteem and stole my attention from so many other things. If my mother had any idea I’d still be struggling with food into my 30s, I know she would’ve handled my weight issues in a different way. 

      Now I know that there IS from a better way. I learned how to protect myself AND own my daughters from the unnecessary burden of dieting and “healthy” eating by combining my professional background as a pediatric dietitian with my personal experience with disordered eating. And I’ve taught positive food parenting strategies to hundreds of other parents who are also looking for a better way for their own children.

      You CAN raise a daughter who is confident and peaceful around food AND enjoys being at her happiest, healthiest weight! Ask me for help. I absolutely want to support you and your daughter in getting to that positive, peaceful place with food that you want her to be in!

      xoxo Amelia

      You can finally have family meals that you look forward to again—and The NourishHer Method can help.


      Go From Confused to Confident When it Comes to Helping Your Daughter Be a Healthier, Happier Eater!

      Put an end to mealtime conflict, tension, and fights

      It’s as easy as:

      1. Listen (or watch) for 30 minutes weekly at a time that works best for YOU

      2. Join a weekly group session for coaching, community, and professional support

      Join a community of other like-minded moms who are both healing their own relationships with food while ALSO raising girls free from dieting!

      In 12 weeks, you AND your daughter will have completely transformed your relationship with food!

      Join the Wait List before 9/13/2022 and receive a special coupon for $50 OFF!

      $497 = $447

        Finally! The Cure for Mealtime Stress!

        Did you know that parents who have a relaxed yet structured approach to eating and feeding raise kids who eat a bigger variety of nutrients and are more protected from disordered eating? It’s proven in research—and I see it in my practice almost every day!

        Of course, for many of us being relaxed about food can feel tough to do—especially if we’re worried about health or weight or if we’ve had our food, eating, and weight struggles of our own.

        That’s where the NourishHer Well Program comes in. You’ll learn how to intervene with your kids’ eating in just the right way. You’ll raise an eater who makes balanced choices they feel good about. They’ll feel calm and in control around sweets and treats and enjoy the proteins and fruits and veggies they need to flourish.

        You’ll get all the tools and expert-level understanding of exactly why and how to start feeling more relaxed about meals and eating in this innovative and one-of-a-kind program! Plus you’ll also get the emotional support and understanding that makes it easy to do it!


        Do I have to attend live?

        Only if you want to! Joining the weekly lesson and support sessions helps you reach your goals faster and with more confidence. (And past participants have said they miss these weekly sessions the most!) However, it’s not mandatory.

        Can my husband (or parenting partner) attend?

        Yes and no; anyone involved in your daughter’s feeding can listen or watch the weekly lessons. (Access provided upon request. ) The open Q/A coaching and discussions are limited to program enrollees only, however; the purpose is privacy, continuity, and building mutual trust among the group so it continues to be a safe space for sharing questions and concerns.

        Will this program help me talk to family or spouse about diet culture?

        Absolutely! This program is designed to give you the confidence and clarity you need when it comes to defending your approach to feeding and eating for your daughter.

        Will this program help my daughter to lose weight?

        Weight loss is not the goal of this program. The positive feeding strategies taught in this program are meant to help stabilize your daughter’s BMI. They help children and adults reach their natural, healthy body weight. (If your child’s BMI percentile has changed significantly in recent months or over the past two years, gradually returning it to the previous stable place is the goal as this is the best way to support overall health and wellbeing.)

        If you need more clarification on this, please ask. (It can be confusing, which is why a review of your daughter’s growth chart is included in the course.)

        Will this program help me with my own eating?

        Absolutely! The first 6 weeks of the program (Phase 1) are specifically designed to help clarify confusion about healthy eating and help you build the eating skills that are linked with better physical and emotional health. Once you’ve mastered them, you learn how to pass them along to your daughter.

        My daughter has pre-diabetes, PCOS, or type 2 diabetes—can this program help me with that?

        Indirectly, yes. The evidence-based strategies taught in the NourishHer Method are linked with improvements in these conditions. However, the program is not specifically designed to address them.

        Can I get my money back if I don’t like the program?

        I think you will love the program—it’s not like any other nutrition program on the market and is uniquely tailored for mothers who want to protect girls from dieting and dysfunctional eating. However, if you are not happy you can receive a full refund if requested with 14 days of the program start date.

        How do I know if the program is working?

        You should feel less stressed and more in control of eating and feeding within the first 3 to 4 weeks of the program. Meaningful change does take time, however. You will undergo a pre-and-post assessment that will help you see your eating and feeding skills grow. Aside from the assessments, there is no exact way to measure your improvements from week to week—though many parents feel relief as soon as they enter into counseling.

        Can you talk to my daughter’s pediatrician for me?

        I can provide a general letter outlining the benefits and purpose of The NourishHer Method program, as well as your reason for enrolling (which is to protect your daughter from disordered eating). Unfortunately, I can only speak to your child’s pediatrician about her health and weight concerns if you are receiving individual nutrition counseling from me via my private practice.

        Enrollment Reopens September 13, 2022

        Learn how to protect kids from dieting and diet culture!

        Early Bird Discount!

        Join the Wait List before enrollment opens and receive a special coupon for $50 off the program price!

        ($497 = $447)


          Become the eater you’ve always wanted to be.

          And share your newfound freedom around food with the people in your life who are relying on you to teach them the most!

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          Ask Amelia.

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