for Raising Body Confident Girls

  • No matter how prepared for it you are, the first time (or 20th time) you hear your daughter put her body down, it hurts. Here are five things you can say to help her move past bad feelings and build body confidence instead.

  • If you want to take immediate action, send one of these already written-for-you-letters to the teacher or school about harmful assignments, weigh-ins, and your feelings about food shaming. If you want a longer-term solution, learn how you can have a Body Kindness (anti-fat bias and eating disorder risk reduction) teacher education held in your district.

  • If you’ve got a family member or close friend who is always making comments about their weight worries or food rules, you’re not alone! This is one of the most common questions I get asked. You can learn five things to say to help keep her safe from their food issues so they never become hers’.

  • Tell me about it! Did you know there’s a class for that? Visit my fave period guru Konika Ray at Girl Power Science to sign up. Or grab one of my favorite books on body image if you want to hand her a resource she can use herself. (Scroll down to see Books for Girls Ages 8 to 14 to find recommendations.)

  • Wondering which body confidence movement makes the most sense for your daughter? Understanding the difference can help you figure out which accounts to follow, books to read, and heroes to look out for!

  • This list is coming soon! If you know of a pediatrician, dietitian, therapist, social worker, etc who practices from a weight inclusive position, please let me know so we can include that person on this growing list. If you’d like to be notified when this is available, email me to be added to the list.

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