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4 Eating Skills Every Mom Can Teach Their Daughter Have

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Learn how to nurture a healthy relationship with food so she can grow up enjoying the foods she loves while feeling body confident and well-nourished too!

If you’re a concerned mom, feeling stressed and unsure about how to navigate conversations around food and body image, you\’re not alone.

Do you worry if you’re saying the right things when it comes to eating?

Do you wonder if you’re setting the right limits with food?

Do you want to be able to talk to your child about food without creating conflict?

Do you want to feel less shame and guilt around snacking?

Do you worry about your child’s weight (and feel guilty about it!)?

Do you worry that your own relationship with food might be impacting hers?

The journey of raising a girl in today\’s complex world can be challenging, especially when it comes to promoting a healthy relationship with food & body.

But it doesn’t have to be! NourishHer’s here to help you:

Feel Good About How You Parent Around Food

Make it stand out.

Here’s what can happen when you learn to use the positive food parenting skills taught in this course…

Worried about your child’s weight?

Parents who use these skills raise kids who have an easier time maintaining their natural, healthy body weights

Wondering if your child’s getting enough vitamins and minerals?

Parents who use these skills have kids who eat a more varied diet, increasing their nutrient intake.

Concerned about your child’s family history of heart disease?

Parents who use these skills have kids have lower risk of hypertension.

Wondering if your child is at risk for disordered eating?

Parents who use these skills raise kids who are less likely to binge or engage in extreme restriction

Frustrated by your child’s pickiness?

Parents who use these skills have kids who are more flexible with food


Make it stand out.

Problem: Protecting Girls from Disordered Eating In today\’s society, girls face immense pressure and unrealistic standards when it comes to their bodies and what they eat. The prevalence of disordered eating behaviors is on the rise, leaving parents feeling anxious and uncertain about how to protect their daughters. The impact of these issues can be long-lasting, affecting self-esteem, mental health, and overall well-being.


Agitate: Feel Less Stress, More Confidence Imagine a world where you no longer feel overwhelmed by worries about your daughter\’s relationship with food. Picture yourself feeling empowered and equipped with the tools to guide her towards a positive and healthy future. With our \”Positive Food Parenting\” workshop, you can turn these aspirations into reality.

Solution: Empowering Moms, Empowering Daughters The \”Positive Food Parenting\” workshop is specifically designed to address your concerns and provide practical strategies for fostering a healthy relationship between your daughter and food. Our program offers:

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Expert Guidance: Benefit from the knowledge and expertise of seasoned professionals who specialize in child psychology and nutrition. They will equip you with the latest research-backed insights and best practices.

  1. Interactive Workshops: Engage in dynamic and interactive sessions, where you\’ll learn effective communication techniques, empowering your daughter to make informed food choices and build a positive body image.

  2. Supportive Community: Connect with a community of like-minded moms who share similar concerns and challenges. Gain valuable support, exchange experiences, and build lasting relationships.

  3. Practical Resources: Access a wealth of practical resources, including guides, worksheets, and meal planning tips, that will support you in implementing positive food parenting strategies at home.

With the \”Positive Food Parenting\” workshop, you\’ll:

  • Learn how to navigate difficult conversations about food and body image with ease and confidence.

  • Gain insights into promoting a healthy relationship with food, ensuring your daughter develops lifelong positive habits.

  • Feel empowered to protect your daughter from disordered eating behaviors and the harmful effects of societal pressures.

Don\’t let the fear and uncertainty control your parenting journey. Join our \”Positive Food Parenting\” workshop and embark on a transformative experience that will benefit both you and your daughter.

Invest in your daughter\’s future and secure your spot in the \”Positive Food Parenting\” workshop today. Together, let\’s empower our girls to embrace a healthy relationship with food, love their bodies, and thrive in a world that often challenges them.

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