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Have you been struggling with your eating for as long as you can remember? Is constant worry about weight and food the last thing you want to pass on to your daughter? Is talking to her about food and eating starting to feel like an ultra-lotta-extra pressure because you’re afraid you might not be getting it “right”?

Then, here it goes…. You and I have something in common!

(Is the excitement and exclamation point at that realization kinda sorta inappropriate? Hope not! It’s just that… I see you because I was you.)

The thing is, I’ve got a decades-long history of dieting and now I’m raising two girls. When it comes to eating and feeding I’ve felt all the feels and experienced all the ‘ish. I’ve been there—sometimes I’m still there—and I totally get it! (Well, sometimes I don’t get it but I always work hard at trying to figure it out.)

What’s more? I’m a pediatric dietitian and nutritionist, which means I’ve heard hundreds of stories from other mothers about feeding, eating, and worrying about things like fruits and vegetables, vitamins, sugar, weight, ketchup (so much ketchup), and more.

In talking to moms about eating, I’ve also heard stories about how their own mothers have shaped their unique relationships with food. Every mother I’ve ever met has had a story about how she learned to eat, for better or worse, from another woman in her life—and I’m constantly learning from them all.

If feeding your daughter feels more complicated than just figuring out how to sneak in more greens and you really like knowing you’re not alone (who doesn’t like knowing their not the only one??) … then you just might love being on this list and part of the NourishHer community.

When you hear from me, you’ll be getting an inside look at all the effective (and sensible!) tools and strategies I use to help my clients stay in a positive place with eating, feeding, and feeling good about their body (at every size).

You’ll be there as I share everything I know, one story at a time, about the most effective ways to raise girls who feel at-ease around food—and how to heal our own lingering issues with things like ice cream, french fries, kale, and frosted donuts. (Did I mention I’m a frosting fanatic?) And yes, I also share the very best ways to support yourself as a totally sane, very happy eater too!

To keep it real (and really interesting), I promise to let you in on all the slip-ups, missteps, and muck-ups I get into when feeding my own girls. Plus the mealtime oh-nos that come up between me and my husband, too. (Hey, just because I know the latest research and “right” things to do doesn’t mean that I’m always an ace at doing them—or that he wants to hear about it!)

Ready to do this? Cool! Just put in your deets below and then the automated system will do the rest. (Fingers crossed I set it up right this time! And yes, I overuse parentheses. Been promising myself to get a grip on that.)

XO Amelia

P.S. My email list isn’t like most others; it’s a two-way street! Write me to ask a question anytime. Hearing from you helps me craft the kind of tips, tools, and advice that can make a difference in your life and your kids’!

And another thing. What matters to YOU very likely matters to another momma out there, so do it for her—ask me anything. I promise to answer in ways that’ll strengthen not only your relationship with food but with your daughter and, ultimately, yourself.

XOXO double love, Amelia

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    Pssssst… Have you ever worried that your issues with food and weight might one day become your daughter’s?

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