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“I just want my daughter to have something I never had: a healthy relationship with food!”

Learn tools + strategies you can use to protect your daughter from dieting, diet culture, and painful worry about eating, foods, and weight.

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(Yup! That means you can listen while you walk, drive, pack the lunches, fold the laundry, sit on the sidelines… and more!)


In just 15 minutes a day, you’ll learn to use…



THIS Question to Shift Your Mindset

And it’ll put an end to worrying about doing or saying the wrong thing to her when it comes to eating and food!


The Intuitive Eating Tool Most Moms Overlook!

Feel confident you’re doing everything you can to preserve her natural, intuitive relationship with her appetite and fullness.


Make Mealtimes More Peaceful

Make meals feel like less—not more—work, stress, and confusion! (Start looking forward to dinner instead of dreading it!)


A Simpler Approach to Nutrition

Start thinking about eating in a NEW way so that it truly supports your daughter’s wellbeing! (No more micromanaging food!)


This workshop is for you…

  • If you’re never sure if you should be saying and doing more—or less—when it comes to food, feeding, and eating

  • If you’re worried about your daughter’s weight (and also feel guilty admitting it!)

  • If you’d do anything to protect her from going through the same history of dieting and worrying about foods, eating, and weight that you did

  • If family meals stress you out—and you need an easier, more peaceful way to handle them

  • If you want to learn what it really takes to raise a girl who feels good in her own body

What people are saying…

“My daughter has been so much happier since we started working with you. I really can’t thank you enough!” 

Patricia K., mom of 13-yr-old


Hi there! I’m Amelia.

If you’ve struggled with disordered eating, then teaching your kids to be happy, healthy eaters can feel almost impossible! I know because I’ve been there myself.

Questions about sugar, veggies, portions, and weight crossed my mind with every bite—and eventually started causing my girls stress too. That’s when I realized I needed to change!

By combining my background in pediatric nutrition and eating disorders, with research on feeding dynamics, and intuitive eating, I was able to get in a great place with food—and now I help other moms do the same!

Join me as I share how you can build an Intentional Feeding Mindset, my signature approach to feeding, which is designed especially for moms who’ve spent years stressing about food. You’ll feel calmer and more confident at meals—and truly understand the keys to raising happy, healthy eaters.

You can start by joining my next free live workhop!



What if I can’t make it live?

No problem! Replays will be available to all who register. (Audio versions, too, for those who find listening to podcasts easier!)

Will I get a chance to ask questions?

Yes! Send them in as we go and I will get back to you personally or answer them live (anonymously, if you prefer!) during the series.

Can you help me if my daughter has gained weight?

Yes! All the tools and strategies shared in this series can help stabilize your child’s BMI (ie return it back to its natural. healthy and happy percentile). That said, they are not intended for weight loss. (If this is not clear and is concerning to you, please reach out to tell me what you\’re struggling with and I’ll explain how and if this program will be helpful

Does this work for boys?

Yes! All the tools and strategies shared are evidence-based and work for both girls and boys.

Is it really free?

Yes! It’s completely free. You will be added to my email list and newsletter, which you can easily unsubscribe from at any time. (Each and every email you receive offers a link to do so.)

FREE NourishHer Well Workshop

Start building a mindset that’ll help you and your daughter feel at ease around food and boost confidence about eating, food, body, and more!

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