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Learn tools + strategies you can use to protect your daughter from dieting, diet culture, and painful worry about eating, foods, and weight.


    Audio Replays Available to All Registrants

    (Yup! That means you can listen while you walk, drive, pack the lunches, fold the laundry, sit on the sidelines… and more!)


    In just 15 minutes a day, you’ll learn to use…



    THIS Question to Shift Your Mindset

    And it’ll put an end to worrying about doing or saying the wrong thing to her when it comes to eating and food!


    The Intuitive Eating Tool Most Moms Overlook!

    Feel confident you’re doing everything you can to preserve her natural, intuitive relationship with her appetite and fullness.


    Make Mealtimes More Peaceful

    Make meals feel like less—not more—work, stress, and confusion! (Start looking forward to dinner instead of dreading it!)


    A Simpler Approach to Nutrition

    Start thinking about eating in a NEW way so that it truly supports your daughter’s wellbeing! (No more micromanaging food!)


    FREE NourishHer Well Workshop

    Start building a mindset that’ll help you and your daughter feel at ease around food and boost confidence about eating, food, body, and more!

      Audio + Video Versions Available

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