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Start Feeling Good About Food & Your Daughter Will Too!

Get this 5-step guide to start feeling less stressed about feeding, eating and food—and make family meals a type of together-time you’ll look forward to!

In this free guide, get simple steps to help you and your daughter have a healthy relationship with food!


Ask Yourself This Question!

You’ll never second-guess your eating or feeding decisions again after asking yourself this simple question! (Bonus: It gets to the heart of what’s behind your food feelings faster than a therapy session!)

Get Clear on Portions

No more micromanaging! Get a tool you can use to stop worrying about making meals perfect and whether or not your child is a healthy enough eater—and still feel like a pro when it comes to parenting!

Banish Weight Woes

You aren’t the only one secretly feeling anxious about weight gain—and then feeling guilty about it! Learn how to put these thoughts into perspective plus boost body-esteem now and throughout her life!



    Just because you’ve struggled with eating or dieting in the past doesn’t mean that your daughter is destined to do the same. It’s possible for her to feel totally at ease with food and her weight. You just need to know the right things to do and say to help her be and stay that way.

    What people are saying…

    “Thank you! I was really confused by everything I was reading online and I went through this list! I finally get it and meals are so much easier!” 

    Emily, mom of three


    Hi there! I’m Amelia.

    If you’ve struggled with eating, dieting and over-the-top worry about your weight, then you probably want to do everything you can to make sure your daughter never does the same!

    I know because I’ve been there myself! I’m a mom raising girls and have (mostly) recovered from a decades-long history of disordered eating. It can make feeding my girls complicated—but it doesn’t have to be that way! There’s plenty we can do to help our kids have positive, joyful relationships with eating and their bodies.

    Use this guide as a way to get your thoughts and feeling straight when it comes to feeding, foods, and eating and start building a healthy, happy relationship with food for you AND your kids instead!

    Start Making Family Meals More Peaceful!

    Use this guide to learn how to help you and your kids enjoy a lifetime of happy, healthy eating!

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