Make Intuitive Eating Work


Learn how to

Make Intuitive Eating

Work for Your Whole Family

You and your kids can feel less stress and more joy meal after meal!

If you’ve been using intuitive eating (IE) to heal your own relationship with food and have questions about how to make it work for your kids, you’re not alone!

IE then this mini-course is for you! Find out how In this FREE…

“Is it okay to



Mindset Shifts

Making these 5 shifts will help you reshape your child’s relationship with food now—and throughout life!


Intuitive Eating Tips

Learn pediatric nutritionists’ secret to making intuitive eating work better for you and your family.


Mealtime Strategies

Understand the easy way to instantly make mealtime feel like less work, stress, and confusion for you!


Simple Nutrition

Start thinking about food choices and “healthy” eating in a NEW way so that it truly supports your daughter’s wellbeing!


What people are saying…

“You are amazing! Thank you so much. My daughter has been so much happier since we started working with you. She’s really looking forward to the next time we speak. I really can’t thank you enough!” 

Patricia, mom of a 13-year-old Emily


Hi there! I’m Amelia.

If you’ve struggled with eating, dieting and over-the-top worry about your weight, then you probably want to do everything you can to make sure your daughter never does the same!

I know because I’ve been there myself! I’m a mom raising girls and have (mostly) recovered from a decades-long history of disordered eating. It can make feeding my girls complicated—but it doesn’t have to be that way! There’s plenty we can do to help our kids have positive, joyful relationships with eating and their bodies.

In this 2-day training, I’ll share the tools, strategies, and mindset shifts that I’ve used with hundreds of families to get help them get in a good place when it comes to managing food and weight.

FREE Mealtime Mindset Mini Course

Start building a mindset that’ll help you and your family feel at ease around food and more confident about eating, body, weight, and more!

    Make Mealtimes Easier Starting Now!

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