Positive Food Parenting (Private)


Helping Your Child Build the Eating Skills They Need to Enjoy the Foods They Love

Positive Food Parenting Skills Designed to Help You Both Feel Happier & Healthier

Positive & Reassuring.

A unique opportunity to learn the very best things to say and do when it comes to helping your child have a positive relationship with food now and as he or she grows! 


Goals of the Program

Reduce the risk of disordered eating or eating disorders

Improve overall nutrient intake and health

Strengthen parents’ confidence when it comes to feeding

Improve child’s ability to eat in a way that’s both enjoyable and appropriate for their unique body 

Halt or slow weight gain or weight loss*

(*This is only intended if the loss or gain is related to disordered eating patterns. Addressing weight gain that occurs in tandem with competent eating or as part of your child’s normal growth pattern can be harmful is not recommended nor a goal of this program.)

6 Learning Sessions on Topics You Care About Most

  • It’s probably not what you think! Learn about popular versus proven theories about eating habits that support well-being. Better understand the difference between weight and health, as well as how to make sure weight worry doesn’t harm your daughter’s eating.

  • Learn how children learn to eat, and how parents can better teach them, then get trained in a mealtime tool that can make it super easy to know which parts of your child’s eating you need to be involved in —and which parts you should stop worrying about completely!

  • Ever feel like your walking through a landmine when it comes to what to say about what your child is — and isn’t — eating? Or how to respond to body talk? Here sound advice that will help you feel more confident and reassured.

  • Let me help you unlearn all the confusing nutrition advice that’s clouding your head and put good, healthy eating into perspective. You’ll feel more relaxed about meals and your daughter will eat better because of it.

  • Sneaking food, binging and eating past fullness, emotional eating, and setting boundaries with family members are just some of the issues we tackle in this section.

  • Learn the proven strategies of moms who are raising girls who feel good about their bodies—and put them to use not just for your daughter but yourself! You’ll be the role model you wish you had yourself.


Private, One-on-One Coaching

Schedule six private sessions to problem-solve specific issues you or your child may be having with meals, eating, or body image concerns. Each session is personalized to help you address the unique challenges you or your child are facing when it comes to eating in a calm, relaxed, and nourishing way.


Program Cost

You can access the learning modules and book your one-on-one sessions at a pace that feels right for you. Please book a private call with Amelia to make sure the program is a good fit for you and will work to solve the problem(s) you or your child is having with food or eating or weight or body image (or even a combination of all of the above!).

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