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You want to give your daughter something YOU never had

Total freedom around food and the confidence to feel good about her eating, her body and her weight

You know Her Relationship with Food Starts with YOU

Tools You Need



Learn the Mindset

Weekly online classes teach you how to build your own Intentional Feeding Mindset, which is NourishHer’s signature approach to raising girls who have healthy, grounded, joyful, and long-lasting relationships with foods and eating. You’ll learn how to build trust and acceptance, the basis of true health and wellbeing, as well as uncover the factors that influence both you and your daughter’s feelings about foods, eating and weight.



Whether you’re a social butterfly or prefer to be a fly on the wall and just sit back and listen, NourishHer’s Eating Well Collective will surround you with like-minded moms and who have had struggles with feeding and eating just-like-yours! Learning within a community is proven to get you better results in shorter times—and as well boost feelings of well-being! Join our private boards to read, learn, listen—and even better, to share and be a teacher yourself! (Trust us, even wallflowers say it feels good!)


One-on-One Support

If you’re like most women, your history with food is a long and complicated one! Whether you’ve overcome an eating disorder or just can’t remember a time that you weren’t stressed out about food, your weight or what to eat, you’ll benefit from the chance to talk about it with a nutrition counselor. The Eating Skills Sessions are designed to give you space to face challenges and build on strengths. Weekly individual sessions help you overcome some of the thoughts and feelings that are getting in the way of you and a joyful, healthy relationdship with food.


What you’ll get good at…


  • Feeling at-ease around foods—and helping your daughter feel relaxed too

  • Accepting your appetite—and hers—without fear, judgment, or reservation

  • Embracing an attitude about foods and eating that supports your daughter’s overall wellbeing

  • Trusting your daughter to eat and grow into the body she’s meant to have


Tools You Can Rely On…

Trustworthy Advice


The workshop is run by a credentialed and experienced nutrition professional so you can rest-assured that all advice and recommendations are backed by scientific evidence.




You’ll be asked powerful questions designed to transform the way you think and feel about foods, eating and feeding, as well as what you know about wellbeing and body weight.


Community Connections


Participants get free access to a private community of other women raising girls who’ve attend the workshop. Through conversation, our community members are building a collective knowledge that can be leaned on to get advice as everyday issues with food, feeding and eating come up. It’s support that continues on way after the workshop.


Office Hours


Weekly office hours to provide you with a chance to ask questions and get feedback, reassurance and guidance on the issues that challenge you the most.

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