Body Image Build-Up (Workshop)


Help Your Daughter Feel

Strong, Confident, & Resilient About Her Body

(in a World Obsessed with Being Thin!)

Learn how you can help her sidestep diet culture and build unshaken body confidence in this one-of-a-kind workshop for moms raising girls!

(And get a body image boost yourself too!)

Body Image Coaching

for Moms Raising Girls

brought to you by the author of Diet-Proof Your Daughter


Ever worried she’s…

Absorbing other girls\’ concerns about their appearance

Shying away from opportunities in life because of her body

Feeling judged because of her food choices

Bullied because of her body

Comparing herself to others and feeling inadequate or unworthy

Making decisions about eating eats because of diet culture rather than what she feels her body needs

Being impacted by your own thoughts and feelings about your changing body


Imagine if you could…

  • Stop feeling like you need to “fix” her (or yourself!)

  • Let go of anxiety and worry about her eating

  • Let go of constant self-judgment + negative self-image

  • Feel more confident about the girl you’re raising her to be

  • Feel like you have all the tools you need to protect her from social media, peers, and behind-the-times family members who are stuck in diet culture

  • Shift her body image (and your own) to one that’s positive, empowered, and unshakeable now and for years to come!

  • \”Packed with valuable ways to reframe how we think, feel and talk about bodies.\”

    Body Confidence Build-Up

  • \”As someone who has worked as a professional organiser I love to hear about the clearing out of wardrobes! Such a good thing to talk about. Solidarity around kids realising their age and clothing size no longer match. Great to think about feeling of clothing rather than size.\”

    Body Confidence Build-Up

  • \”The step-by-step actionable strategies were so helpful!\”

    Body Confidence Build-Up

  • \”I’ve always felt uneasy about ‘body positivity’ and ‘body inclusivity‘ but having someone which knowledge in this area giving a good and solid framework is a really helpful!\”

    Body Confidence Build-Up

Body Confidence Build-Up

Protect her from dieting and eating disorders, build her self-confidence and body esteem, and learn how to make a lasting impression to help her feel good about herself now and as she grows!

Unique On-Demand Videos Lessons You Can Listen to From Any Device!


Take a Look Inside!

Your Ultimate Guide to Building Up Girls’ Body Confidence, Designed to Tackle the Body Image Topics You Care About Most!

  • The way your daughter feels about her body has a huge impact on her risk of developing an eating disorder. Learn more about how we can boost her positive feelings every single day!

  • Learn the thought pattern change that can change everything!

  • Here’s the actions moms of body confident girls take, straight from the mouths of researchers.

  • Answers to all the things moms wonder about when it come to tough conversations!

  • Trying on clothes or goign through her closet a source of stress? These tips will help!

  • How’s it hurting, how it could be helping, and tips for making changes you’ll both be happy about!

  • A proven body confidence booster, getting our girls to move it’s always easy. Here’s delicate ways to make this a positive part of life for her and you!



Hello, and Welcome to NourishHer!

I’m Amelia, a mom raising girls (just like you!), a pediatric dietitian, and the author of Diet-Proof Your Daughter.

After helping hundreds of kids with food + nutrition issues, I’ve come to realize this: how our kids feel about their bodies can really define how well they take care of themselves with food!

By helping our girls build body confidence, we also help them lay the foundation for having a positive, happy relationship with food — we innoculate them against disordered eating and unhealthy habits like restriction and dieting.

Being a happy, healthy, and well-adjusted eater isn’t always easy (especially given the world we live in!). But I’ve made it my mission to help you help your daughter do it!

Building up her body confidence with the tools I share in this workshop is a powerful, game-changing first step for her and for you!

I hope you enjoy taking it as much as I enjoyed creating it for you!



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